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Postpartum Doula Support
A doula is defined as, "a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible ("
Kristin is passionate about coming alongside families that are preparing to welcome another child into this world. She can help you prepare your home, your mind, your spirit, and the rest of your family for this new adventure! Through her thorough research, immense knowledge base, understanding spirit, and personal experiences, Kristin can provide you with all the options along the way. She will give you resources to help you make informed choices about every topic you may want to know about.
Instead of turning to Google, use Kristin as a resource to provide many options and help you filter outdated practices, the latest trends, and family opinions into a personalized and positive experience for you as parents and that particular baby at that time.
Physically, she will support you with lactation or feeding help, breaks, examples, healthy foods, necessary healing, and relaxation techniques. Mentally, she will support you by informing you of the latest research and choices, and helping you find the best fit for your family, and encouraging you and reminding you of the truth that this is your child, chosen perfectly for you to parent. Emotionally, she will support you in this new and exciting and terrifying stage of life. She will support you process all the changes, your birth story, and any experiences that arise within our time together. Spiritually, she will pray for you and with you (if desired), remind you of Truth, and encourage you to take care of yourself as you nourish and care for everyone else.
As a mom of four children and businesswoman, Kristin will also show you, teach you, and encourage you in how you can do it all on your own long after she is gone. Her goal is for you to feel confident in your own abilities and be able to make it happen, and know when and how and who to ask for help along the way. 

Sleep Consulting--
As a mom of two good sleepers, people started asking Kristin why she got so lucky. She wondered why she could be so "lucky", too! But as she started studying sleep, and helping more and more families, she realized there are common habits, goals, and actions that led to families with "bad sleepers", sleep better! She put her Psychology degree, classes on Child Development, and Doula classes to work. She read all of the sleep books she could get her hands on, and applied all of her knowledge with her Strengths experiences to help families all get better sleep. Kristin doesn't support just one methodology of sleep, but helps your family figure out what is developmentally appropriate, holistically healthy, and practically easy to help you all sleep better soon!

As a Bringing Baby Home educator, Kristin leads classes to prepare for all the physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational changes that take place when having a baby. She helps you process and verbalize your expectations and learn how to meet your needs as you take care of your little one. She also teaches you how to manage your mental health leading up to such a life-changing event, as well as do what you can to prevent and prepare for healing from Postpartum Mood Disorders such as Postpartum Depression and Anxiety.

Bringing Baby Home Class- 
More information to come
One-Time Consultation
One scheduled consultation, phone or in-person
*Most popular Baby Shower gift!!*
- $100
2 Week Membership 
One scheduled phone consultation, then unlimited email or text
- $250
In-Person Consultation plus 2 Week Membership
One scheduled in-person consultation and written strategy, then unlimited email or text support
- $300
Virtual Postpartum Support Group
Couples are invited to join us on the first and third Saturday of the month,  11am-noon (Mtn time) on Zoom to share, connect, encourage, celebrate, and grieve their Postpartum experience. Open to couples expecting through the first year Postpartum. Email for the Zoom link!



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: "I have relatives in town, why do I need a Doula?"
A: Oftentimes, we work with your family including your helpers, to deliver updated, educated, research-based strategies for all things baby. Family might be able to tell you what she did with her baby, but doesn't know how to help you with yours, if you are parenting differently. Also, many baby practices are outdated and unsafe. We can kindly and compassionately help everyone understand how to keep baby safe, and why certain practices are no longer advised. Also, if you choose to not let us help you in a certain area, there is no shame, guilt, or bad feelings. We work for YOU! We love taking care of fresh little babies, but we are more concerned with how you are bonding with and taking care of your new family. We will not try to take baby away from you, but give you whatever kind of support you need to be able to take care of yourself, as well as him/her long after we are gone. 

Q: "I just feel so bad spending all that money on something that I should be able to do myself. Why do we need to pay an outsider to do what my partner can do?"
A: First, this is true! Especially if you are taking maternity leave, paternity leave, as well as all the other costs that come with having a baby, it is wise of you to be thinking about ways to save money! But, there are also lots of ways that a Postpartum Doula can save you money!! Hiring support from a Doula increases breastfeeding rates, which saves you money the entire first year (and beyond!). Hiring support from a Doula decreases those midnight raids of buying crazy baby products online in the hopes that baby will be calmed, quieted, and sleep well. Hiring support from a Doula helps you feel supported and not alone, which decreases the incidences of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, which stall the relationships between parents, parents and baby, other relatives, work, and even day-to-day tasks. Our goal is also to work ourselves out of a job, so we teach you how to do what you need to do after we leave. Instead of having to hire someone to clean your house down the road (or do that if you need that in order to be more productive!), we can teach you how to streamline tasks so they take much less time. Finally, the reality is that you have only two hands. Sometimes even feeding baby takes three! Often, healing physically takes longer than we expect, emotions are out of control, and it is difficult to think straight while you are not sleeping often. We are educated, neutral, caring, and here for you, however often and however long you need us. 


"I do not have an ounce of guilt about how we did our “sleep training”. Kristin gives advice and gentle nudging without telling you you have to do things. She’s a coach and a cheerleader. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do bedtime without her support." - Mom of 14mo (helped with sleep at 4mo)
"You were right per usual and I'm so glad you were. Thanks for helping me identify my anxiety about it. I was really triggered by his screaming/tummy issues and I didn't realize until you mentioned my anxiety. Thanks again for all your help and support. Kristin you are a miracle worker and we cannot thank you enough for giving us our lives back!" - Mom of 23mo


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