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Research-based Relationship Support
Kristin is licensed through the Gottman Institute as Bringing Baby Home Educators. John and Julie Gottman are the first in their class to really study and quantify relationships, and specifically, what makes them succeed. Through observing a couple for 15 minutes, John was able to predict divorce (or separation but still living together) within the next three years, with up to 84% accuracy. By asking one question, "Tell me a little bit about your early relationship," he was able to increase his accuracy up to 93%! But because he studied these couples in a quantifiable way, through heart rate, blood pressure, even assigning numerical values to micro facial expressions, these are all skills that we can teach a couple from any background, family history, personality, or starting point. There are slides, videos, and many activities so that couples can start implementing these skills immediately and see a change for the better.  

Some basic topics include the following:
Getting to know each other
How to bond
How to seek and respond to attention
Asking for your needs to be met
Having hard conversations
Repairing the relationship
Fighting fair
All kinds of intimacy
Managing and preventing mental health disorders

We combine our knowledge of Strengths to help you as a couple understanding one another, make the most of each other, and truly come to appreciate the other. 

Bringing Baby Home Class- 
More info to come

One-Time Consultation
One scheduled consultation, phone or in-person
*Most popular Baby Shower gift!!*
- $100
2 Week Membership
One scheduled phone consultation, then unlimited email or text
- $250
In-Person Consultation plus 2 Week Membership
One scheduled in-person consultation and written strategy, then unlimited email or text support
- $350



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: "Why do I need a Parenting Strategies Coach, or a class?"
A: This day and age, there is SO much information available to us, it really is confusing. Most of us have experience with our own kids and families, but not much experience with families that are different from ours. For example, you have plenty of help coming after baby is here: your mom, mother-in-law, sister who has three kids, and niece who loves to babysit are all coming to visit within the first month of baby. But what if both grandmas bottle-fed, and you strongly plan on breastfeeding? What if your sister put all three babies to sleep on their back neatly in their cribs, but yours won't seem to do that? And that sweet niece loves snuggling babies so mom can get some rest or a shower, but she knows nothing about encouraging bonding between mom, partner, and baby. And the biggest question-- what are you supposed to do when they all go home???? Because we are educated in ALL aspects of a new baby, have collected lots of resources to help, and take a team-based membership approach, we can come alongside all of those helpers and help you get off to the best start possible! 

Q: "I know you help little babies sleep better, but what about my toddler/preschooler that has NEVER slept well a day in his life???"
A: We can help with that! There are different developmental stages that happen, but Kristin will listen to all the history, details, and medical background of the family, and help figure out a sleep plan to give you all the best sleep possible. Our goal is to help you feel confident in whatever stage your child is in, as well as be prepared on how to be healthy and handle the next few stages coming up. There no longer has to be dread of transitions, changes, vacations, or other stressors (even good stress!). Because we are educated in the full scale of baby/toddler/child development, as well as experience with family dynamics of all kinds, we also might have resources to help the family's medical team come to a better understanding of symptoms, treatments, and support. We can also reassure you what is within the realm of normal development, what is not normal, and support and resources to get you started on sleeping well! 




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