Why do you need ExpertlyYou?

We were each born with a very unique set of talents- how we view the world, gather information, interpret events, build relationships, process decisions, and execute plans. Since we live in a world with human interaction, I need to be aware of how I am, so that I can become aware of how you might be. Whether you are working on a team in a corporate environment, a partnership, a couple, or a family, ExpertlyYou can help you navigate this crazy world and figure out how you can do what you do best, more often! I want you to experience flow, an energized state in which you lose track of time because of sheer enjoyment. And those tasks that drain you? There just might be a way to do them in a new way so that you are not as drained, or even might enjoy it!

Kristin Hankins


Kristin grew up in Southern California, where she took care of babies and their families starting at age 5. She relocated to Colorado to earn her Bachelors' Degree in Psychology in a Pre-Medical Program from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She then went on to Cosmetology School, and has been a student and helper of people ever since then. After having two children, Kristin put her Psychology background, love for information, and her Strengths to start consulting on baby sleep and child-rearing transitions. After helping many families get better sleep, she experienced a miscarriage, and then went on to have two more thriving baby girls. She is certified as a DONA Postpartum Doula, Gottman Institute Bringing Baby Home Educator, and has completed numerous extra trainings to help families. 


Ashley Wuest


Ashley grew up in Falcon, Colorado. She has a passion for helping others in whatever capacity is needed! Extremely crafty, organized, sweet, and a great listener all describe Ashley. After having her first child, a boy, she learned the importance of asking for help. She is finishing up her training to officially become a Postpartum Doula, but has been involved in the Postpartum Community in Colorado Springs for a while already. 




Bringing Baby Home class

starting November 2017

New Moms Group
Mondays 10-11:30am starting in April!
Walking the Park
Moms of all ages and stages come walk, meet other moms, and learn from each other! Mondays and Thursdays 9-10am in Colorado Springs, CO